The Blonde Citizen™ Blog

Welcome to The Blonde Citizen™: Life & Style Blog! I explore this beautiful city and give you my honest review on where to go, places to visit, restaurants, travel tips and events I have been invited to as a writer for the Florence Is You! Newspaper.

I have had the absolute privilege of being able to work in so many countries and experience different cultures around the world. Thanks to a serendipitous run-in with a head trader on wall street one summer in the Hamptons, I was propelled into the world of financial PR in NYC. After many years of learning from the ground up in true American style, I was offered the chance to become a part of the ever-growing financial advisory sector in Hong Kong; sadly this didn’t quite work out as well as I had previously hoped, thanks to some rogue advisors. Nevertheless, if I hadn’t have been completely screwed over, I may not have met the CEO of a start-up company based in Geneva and since moving there in the winter of 2011, I haven’t looked back. Partaking in the extensive CISI and CIB training enabled me to move to various posts within the firm including, Malta, Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain. Reaching the post of Chief Operating Officer by the age of 25 was the pinnacle of my career and I put that success down to good timing, great mentors and an unerring sense of self-belief. However, falling into a pressured and stressful career such as this was taking its toll and to say I was burnt out by the age of 28 is an understatement. Unable to conform any longer and too exhausted to have a life, I made the decision to retire from the world of finance and uproot my life, parents and the dog of course, to Florence, Italy. Why there? Well, it all started with finding a collectors edition £5 note in an old Italian travel book and so the blogs began. Now, armed with lots of hard-earned lessons I have decided to see what I am really made of by attempting to build a company of my own; The Blonde Citizen™ No pressure of course.

As I have written a journal since 1997 I thought blogging my journey would be the perfect passion project; not only am I trying to change the way I live my life but more importantly, practice what I preach and do more things that just make me happy, without fear of judgment. So, if like me you are a curious creature, check out my blog posts and follow my journey or if you’d prefer to be invasive from afar, check out my social media accounts listed on my page. Enjoy citizens!

Yours Truly,

The Blonde Citizen™


  1. Your career and life path seems pretty interesting, very looking forward to read more of your stories and adventures here and on FB! I live in Sydney now but born in Florence so I can totally understand your choice being Florence one of the most amazing cities in the World!! ciao ciao


    1. Thank you! Apologies for the delay I just received the notification for this comment. I never made it out to Sydney and yet I have a lot of family there, what is it like? Yes it was a very random choice, we literally followed the ‘signs’ spiritually speaking and now that I have been here a year, it makes complete sense as to why! Do you miss Florence? x ciao


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